Pembatasan Lokal
Sistem kami telah mendeteksi bahwa lokasi Anda berada di Uni Eropa dan oleh karena itu Anda dialihkan ke, yang melayani klien UE dan dioperasikan oleh Windsor Brokers Ltd.

Windsor Brokers celebrates football season with “Guess the Score” contest

As part of its ongoing celebrations for its 30th anniversary and on occasion of the biggest football event of the year, Windsor Brokers has announced the new “Guess the Score” contest, offering a total of over $30,000 in cash prizes.

Whilst the action continues in Russia, for all those who were unable to attend this fascinating event but who are fans of football, the “Guess the Score” contest is about predicting scores of football matches that Windsor Brokers will be randomly selecting.

Marketing Manager Sam Prath stated: “this is more than just a promotion; it is an exciting way of making our clients feel part of one of the most exciting events of the year. After all, both trading and football have a lot in common; they both require skill, strategy, tactical knowledge, risk assessment and a good mindset. What a better way to combine both worlds into one single contest”.

The trader who will be the first to guess the correct score can win up to $1500 based on his/her trading activities.

The new promotion is available to live account holders and is subject to terms and conditions.

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